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Our exciting new four-color product catalog is designed to be both informative and easy-to-use for you, and eye-catching to your customers. By making it easy for your customers to get the full Nicolock experience right in their own home, we’re giving you the ability to give them precisely what they desire.


Even with today's advanced technology and instant communications, sometimes the best advertising is the most basic. When combined with our other marketing efforts on behalf of your contracting company, the simple, eye-catching job site signs we provide can have a positive, and sizable impact on your business.


Nicolock provides you with a series of postcards that you can personalize for local mailings. Attractive and cost-effective, these are an excellent way to introduce your company to potential new area customers.


High-quality professional ad slicks made it simple and affordable to advertise your business and services to a large audience. Whether in local or regional publications, you’ll save time, effort, and money with attention-getting, four-color Nicolock ad slicks.



"Find a Contractor" is a search feature on the Nicolock website. This feature puts potential customers in contact with Hardscape Pros like yourself, based on your proximity to the buyer. This is just one more benefit to you when you become a Nicolock Hardscape Pro.


Nicolock now makes it possible for your contracting business to accept payments via credit card. Because we created this service to make it easier for you to do business, Nicolock provides it to your company at very competitive rates.


As the host of the Contractor Conference, Nicolock has gone to great lengths to gather some of the industry's most skilled and knowledgeable professionals to help you diversify and grow your contracting business. From in-depth seminars to hands-on training and “eyes-on” demonstrations, you’ll learn the very latest in technological advancements and new techniques for installing Nicolock pavers, retaining walls, and more. To view photos from our 2009 Contractors Conference, click here. In the winter of 2010 we offered extensive training. To view the course listing, click here. In the winter of 2012, we launched our "BRADSTONE" line of products and offered courses throughout this one day event, click here for more information. To view our yearly NICE events, click here.

Our contractor training programs continue throughout the year, including ICPI and NCMA Certification Classes, installation technique seminars, and plant tours.


Nicolock's Dreamscape Visualizing Software allows you to show prospective customers how Nicolock hardscape products will look at their home or business before they buy. This simple-to-use but powerful tool will help you close more sales and is free to you as a Nicolock Hardscape Pro. Dreamscape is available for download, click here.