Every autumn it’s the same story: bring in the backyard furniture, and say goodbye to your patio until at least April. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some way to get more enjoyment from your home’s great outdoors?

With Serafina Firepit Kit, Golden Brown Blend, Patioa little help from Nicolock — the best-known name in interlocking paving stones and retaining walls — it’s now possible to install an attractive Serafina Firepit Kit on any existing patio or lawn (with the proper foundation).

Most people would love to accent their home’s landscape with the magnificence of natural stone. Unfortunately, natural stone brings installation and maintenance issues...and a huge expense.

Now there’s a beautiful alternative: Blue Ridge paving stones from Nicolock. Blue Ridge pavers deliver all the charm and elegance of a natural alternative, right down to the deeply-textured  surface that replicates the appearance of cleft natural stone. The pavers are packaged in a three-piece combination featuring large sizes (6 1/2” x 13”, 13” x 13”, and 13” x 19 1/2”) for those looking for a larger scale module. Best of all, each comes with patented Paver-Shield™ technology, guaranteeing their rich color remains vibrant for years to come, plus a lifetime warranty. That’s protection even Mother Nature can’t provide...and a cost natural stone can’t match.

Tuesday, 01 November 2011 13:17

Is It Real Stone Or Bradstone?

The best-known name in paving stones now offers the beautiful look of natural stone at a remarkable value through its exciting new line of Bradstone products.

Bradstone Old Town Square PackFor years, homeowners in the U.S. have desired the look of natural stone to complement their outdoor landscaping. Unfortunately for many, the cost was prohibitive, and the required maintenance was a deterrent. But now, thanks to Nicolock, there’s an elegant alternative that delivers the classic beauty of stone without those concerns.

Introducing Bradstone, the remarkable outdoor hardscape material popular in England for more than half a century, and currently available in nearly two dozen countries worldwide. As the exclusive licensee for Bradstone products in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic United States, Nicolock is now bringing this remarkable and attractive hand-made stone to American homes.


Lindenhurst, NY – Moving forward with its growth strategy, Hastings Pavement Company LLC, a manufacturer of innovative concrete paving and architectural products, has signed an exclusive sales and manufacturing agreement with Reading Rock, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio to manufacture and sell Checker Block in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and portions of West Virginia.

pr_bradstone2-150x95Bradstone International announces that they have licensed Nicolock Paving Stones & Retaining Walls to manufacture and distribute their line of products in the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic United States.

“We are pleased to welcome Nicolock to the family of Bradstone Licensees from around the world. Their commitment to product quality, their experience with wetcast technology, and their strong distribution network make them a great representative for our company”, said Daniel Francisco, US Managing Director for Bradstone.


Whether you want to install paving stones yourself or are ready to get quotes from a contractor this video series is for you. These six short videos will prepare you by providing a list of tools and a brief explanation of the steps that need to be taken.  If you understand how to correctly install pavers, you can avoid expensive headaches and spend many years enjoying your paving stone installation. VIEW HERE!

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Rosetta By Nicolock

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