Imagine a variety of landscaping solutions with Nicolock’s
DreamScape IMAGING SOFTWARE for Windows and Mac.


Start with a digital photo of your home:
If you’d like to design your own hardscape project, Nicolock's easy-to-use Dreamscape software can prove to be a valuable tool. By starting with a digital picture of your home, you'll define the areas for your project and then “try on” different hardscape possibilities.

  • Draw patios in different configurations, put up garden walls, and experiment with step and walkway placement.
  • Decide upon the perfect driveway to enhance your home’s curb appeal.
  • Find a design you like, and then change the hardscape material’s color on the fly.

Our innovative software assists you from planning to completion of your project.



Windows Installation:

  • Download Dreamscape
  • Wait for on-screen directions
    (Installer will launch automatically).
  • After installation is complete, the program can be accessed via the Start Menu at the bottom left of screen.

Mac Installation:

  • Download Dreamscape & "unzip" the file.
  • Drag "Nicolock Mac 2" Folder to your Applications Folder.
  • Locate "Nicolock Mac 2" Folder in your Applications Folder.
  • First view one of the files called "DemoVideo"
  • Then double-click on "Nicolock Imaging Center.app" to launch application.
  • Outdoor Living
  • Stormwater Solutions
  • Lookbook
  • Rosetta by Nicolock
  • Looks Like Natural Stone

Rosetta By Nicolock

Extend the use of your Nicolock patio with the addition of a handsome Outdoor Living feature or two!


Prevents flooding

Prevent flooding and reduce runoff with Nicolock environmental pavers!


Rosetta By Nicolock

Rosetta Hardscapes accurately creates the look and feel of nature in any application you imagine.


Outdoor Living Brought to Life!

Bradstone Looks Like Natural Stone

Sometimes we dream of a perfect world, but sometimes we aren't dreaming at all!

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